“Tea and TV” by Penny Szentkuti with Teacher Notes

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Tea and TV

‘Tea and TV’ –
that precious half hour,
the age old song,
its siren power.
Snuggled on the couch,
a snack plate to nibble,
a peep through the windows,
Teds Big and Little.
A spot of craft
and a lively tune,
a welcome diversion
in the long afternoon.
Tea and TV,
whatever the weather,
those faces were friends,
they held us together

Teacher Notes by Jeanie Axton

Play school is an Australian TV icon. Show the students two episodes of Playschool comparing an episode of 30 years ago with today.  Have a discussion about stereotypes and how things have changed.




They could choose one of the famous Playschool characters and write a poem in the shape of the character.



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