“Nari’s Hero Echo”  by Celia Berrell

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Nari’s Hero Echo

(A true dolphin story from 2009)


Nari’s grown up

meeting lots of

humans every day.

They feed him fish

and watch as all

the dolphins swim and play.


Along with best-friend

Echo he will

entertain the guests.

By herding fish

round paddling feet

that tickle them in jest.


He’ll let the humans

stroke him as

for people, that’s a “must”.

It’s how we say

“I love you” and

that care’s gained Nari’s trust.


But recently

poor Nari got

a shark-bite on his head.

An injury

so serious

it could have left him dead.


For three whole days

the people feared

that Nari must have died.

He didn’t come

to visit them

and many people cried.


Then Echo brought

his injured friend

to Tangalooma beach.

And coaxed poor Nari

‘til he swam

within the people’s reach.


They gently lifted

Nari from his

darkened sea of gloom.

And flew him out

to Sea World where

their vets could treat his wounds.


Nari’s back at


showing off his scars.

The people are

ecstatic.  He’s

Australia’s dolphin star!


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