“Lamb chop, Sharni and Friends” by Toni Newell

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Lamb Chop , Shari and Friends

Lamb Chop was a little lamb,

Who shared a sock with Shari,

And Shari shared her voice with her,

And never made her hurry.

They used to talk a lot about,

People and various things,

And Lamb Chop could get feisty,

With Shari and her castings.

Lolly Pincus was Lamb Chop’s friend,

A bestie you could say,

Who had a crush on Hush Puppy,

Another friend at play.

However, more than often,

She would speak before she thought at all,

And Shari would have to rescue her,

To keep her from the fall.

Lamb Chop could be ever so sweet,

And she could also be mean,

But most of all she loved Shari,

And the puppet team.

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